I offer two distinct types of editing: developmental editing and copyediting

Both of these edits are necessary for most writing projects. You can hire me as a copyeditor or a developmental editor, or I can be your all-in-one editor and perform both types of edits on your manuscript.


Copyediting occurs after developmental editing. It focuses on the details of your writing, eliminating grammatical errors and stylistic inconsistency. As your copyeditor, I will ensure that your punctuation usage is flawless, your spelling is correct and consistent, and that your content as a whole is readable, clear, and ready to be published, posted, or mailed!

Read more about what a copyedit involves!

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing (also known as substantive or content editing) focuses on organizing your writing so your thought process flows logically or your storyline unfolds at the best pace. As your developmental editor, I will help you strengthen your writing so you “show” instead of “tell.” I will provide not only advice on the big picture of your project but also detailed help on improving your writing at the sentence level.

Read more about what a developmental edit involves!

The Process

If you're intrigued about what my editing can do for your words but still hesitant about sending it off to a stranger, then this section is important. You don't simply email your work to me and wait for the final product. As author, you are far more involved than that!

  1. Contact me. Tell me a bit about your website, pamphlet, manuscript, or other project. What’s your vision for this project? What do you want out of an editor? Are you interested in a copyedit or a developmental edit?

  2. Get a free sample edit (if applicable). If your project is long enough, I’ll do a free sample edit of up to five pages to give you an idea of what the edit will be like.

  3. Get a quote. After seeing your project (and returning the sample edit if one has been done), I will give you a quote and a time estimate for the edit.

  4. Remain involved in the editing process. Every edit includes two editing passes. After I go through your writing once, making edits and offering suggestions, you go through what I’ve done and make changes of your own. You can accept or reject what I’ve done and add new content based on suggestions I’ve made. Then I go through the content again, and edit what you’ve just added.

  5. Publish! Now your writing is ready for the public. It’s been polished and perfected, and you can post, publish, print, or mail it!

My per-page rate varies according to the project type and difficulty of the text, but it is always at or below standard editing rates. (See here for the Editorial Freelancers Association's rate page.)

I would love the opportunity to work with you on your project. Contact me to start the process and let's work together to make your writing soar!