Previous clients say:

“Rachel is fantastic to work with! She is extremely responsive, thoughtful, and thorough in all her work. Rachel pays attention to every detail and asks thought-provoking questions to guide me in my work. I’ve worked with her for years and she has always gone above and beyond any expectations.

—Stephanie Rae, author of Wonderlust and Clean

“Rachel is a gifted editor. She is precise and accurate. She has the ability to see the smallest details of every sentence while being mindful of the scope of the whole project. She is a pragmatic professional—she meets promised deadlines; she communicates complicated editorial details in simple, helpful ways. She is well-trained and stays up-to-date with current editorial rules.

. . . The sense of collaboration Rachel brings to her work made me know that my project was in good hands. I was freed up to write more and worry less.

Instead of the protracted, grueling experience that comes to mind when an author anticipates the editing phase of a writing project, working with Rachel is a relief—even a joy!”

—Kathi Westlund, author of Prayer PathWay

“Out of the various copyeditors we have worked with, Rachel stood out to us. She clearly has the knowledge required for the task, but she also has passion for the work and had a genuine respect for our story that made her a joy to work with. She quickly understood the personality and feel we were going for, and adapted her suggestions to really fit with our book and bring out its best. While noting inconsistencies and weak points on a logical level with the sharpest mind, Rachel also adopted the mind of a child reading the book for the first time and gave suggestions that helped us make it the most appealing and approachable for a young reader.”

—Authors of Adventures in the Northwoods: Under the School

“Rachel is an awesome editor! With only a day’s notice, she was able to read through and edit my 50+ page research project in less than 12 hours. . . . Rachel did far more than I was expecting, and her comments and edits were extremely helpful. From small grammatical and punctuation errors to major concepts within the paper, Rachel suggested changes without being pushy or rude. I’m very pleased with the final piece that Rachel returned to me and happy to report that my professor was too.”

—Jordan Koornneef, student